What is appetite? Appetite is a desire to eat or drink. This is determined by cravings, boredom, or emotions rather than actual hunger and can occur at any time of day.

           Appetite is different from hunger. Hunger is our physical need to eat. it is a biological response to a lack of food.


Sometimes it is difficult to determine whether you are hungry or just have an appetite. Our appetite can make us want to eat food even when we are not hungry.

      Have you ever been really full from your dinner but still ate a piece of dessert because it sounded delicious? That’s why your appetite sometimes becomes louder than your hunger. Appetite can be hard to ignore especially when you get into the routine of listening to your appetite rather than hunger.


 Anyone can experience a loss of appetite for so many reasons which may include mental health conditions, medical conditions, or digestive issues. In these cases, appetite will come back when a person recovers. Some people may experience loss of appetite as a symptom of a long-term medical condition or a complete loss.


 Changes in appetite and weight loss can be due to certain health conditions. Suppose you are experiencing unintentional weight loss due to decreased health. In that case, your doctor may prescribe an appetite stimulant, while promoting healthy lifestyle changes such as eating smaller meals to ensure your body is getting enough calories. These medications work by targeting the mechanisms involved in hunger and satiety.

Different types of drugs can be prescribed to increase appetite.

  1. Appetite stimulants drugs
  2. Anabolic steroids
  3. Herbal and nutritional supplements

Appetite stimulants and steroids should be taken on the advice of your follow-up doctor. But here are some herbal and nutritional supplements for stimulating appetite naturally.

Vitamins for stimulating appetite:

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Rather than stimulants certain vitamins and minerals such as zinc and vitamin B can help increase appetite. Nutritional supplements such as protein shakes, can also provide extra calories and nutrients to gain weight. 

                             Fish oil supplements a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids may work as appetite stimulants but always use any medicine or multivitamin in a proper amount. Excess of anything is harmful.

Herbs for stimulating appetite:

Some herbs are believed to have appetite-stimulating properties such as ginger, fenugreek, and certain essential oils.

Lifestyle changes to stimulate appetite:

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  If you are unsure about taking medications to increase your appetite and body weight you can try some healthy diet and lifestyle changes such as: 

  • Do exercise, walk, or weight lifting daily
  • Manage stress and anxiety through meditation and deep breathing as anxiety is the cause of appetite loss.
  • Sleep properly and on time because lack of sleep may result in loss of appetite
  • Avoid alcohol, tobacco, and smoking
  • Add healthy fats and protein to your diet
  • Drink water 30 minutes before a meal to avoid feeling fullness
  • Drink herbal teas
  • Consult a dietitian

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