Hey Mommies!  If your baby is going to be 4-6 months then this blog is for you. Introducing your baby to solid foods is sometimes called complementary feeding or weaning. It’s recommended not to introduce solids before 4 months this is because they have immature tummies and bowls before 4 months.

 Generally, when infants double their birth weight (typically at about 4 months of age) and weigh about 13 pounds or more, they may be ready for solid foods.


Let your child try one single ingredient at a time at first and also it’s easier for your child to eat foods that are mashed, pureed, or strained and very smooth in texture.

Start with half a spoonful or less and talk to your baby through the process like “Mmmm, see how good this is?”

As the baby grows, you can increase the amount according to your baby’s appetite sign. By 12 months, your baby should be eating around 3 small meals a day, plus breast milk or infant formula.


 The key is to include iron-rich foods of the right texture which may include:

  • Minced meat
  • Iron-fortified infant cereals
  • Cooked legumes
  • Mashed, cooked eggs

With iron-rich foods, you can also add other healthy foods like:

  • Dairy foods i.e full-fat yogurt
  • Grains i.e oats, bread, roti, rice, naan, etc
  • Fruits i.e bananas, boiled vegetables
  • Also, introduce water to your baby with solid foods

By starting solid food all grains, vegetables, or fruits should be boiled or mashed.

            Hope your baby will enjoy different types of meals and that you also enjoy this period of the journey with your baby.

Tell me which solid food you want to be your baby’s first meal.

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